What is The Party Bike?

Where can you consume calories and burn off calories simultaneously? On The Party Bike!!

Basically, The Party Bike is a rolling refreshment (think beer) stand on wheels and you are the engine!! It is a group bicycle which is powered by the pedaling of ten people. There is also a padded bench on the back which seats an additional three people, plus room for your own bar tenders. Of course, there is a non-drinking driver who controls the steering and the braking, thus removing the “engine” from the possibility of getting a D.U.I.

Sound like a fun? Of course!! Instead of being a passenger, why not be the owner of the business? The Party Bike is manufactured by Atek Customs and is custom built to your personal preferences. You get to choose the colors plus add on optional items like the beer tap, solar panels, water misters, or just about anything else you can think of.

But don’t limit yourself to just amusing the drinking crowd. The Party Bike can be used at resorts, business conferences, birthday parties, wedding parties, as a tourist activity. Why not start a new career and get out there on The Party Bike?