The Party Bike Safety Features

When you are purchasing your  Party Bike, safety features are a major consideration. As the industry leader in Party Bike manufacturing, we have led the way in safety innovation. We have assisted numerous cities in developing operational guidelines for Party Bikes. In addition, our crew has met with the insurance underwriters and developed a suite of safety features to meet their demands while providing you with peace of mind. Other manufacturers say they meet the regulations – we wrote them!! You want to know that your guests can enjoy their tour in a safe and comfortable manner. Below you will find many of the safety features we have incorporated into our Party Bikes.

The Party Bike 1
The Party Bike Electric Assist Motor
The Party Bike Smart Charger
The Party Bike Parts

Number of People Needed to move the bike. That’s right, just one person is required.

Electric Assist Motor allows the driver to move in an emergency with the need for pedalers.

Our smart charging systems mean your batteries will never cook themselves.

We use only readily available parts. No importing parts from Europe!

The Party Bike Speed
The Party Bike CAD Design
The Party Bike AWS Welder
The Party Bike DOM Structural Tubing

This is the speed the insurance underwriters love. Of course, we have had a bike up to 20 mph!!

All our Party Bikes are designed for precision using computer aided design.

Our welders and fabricators have years of experience.

All structural elements are made with 94,000 psi DOM structural tubing. It is what NASCAR racers make their chassis out of.

The Party Bike Rack and Pinion Steering
The Party Bike Hydraulic Front Brakes
The Party Bike Emergency Brake

We install top notch rack & pinion steering.

For those who choose not to pedal, there is an upholstered rear bench seat in your choice of colors.

Front AND rear brakes are hydraulic brakes.

The hydraulic emergency brake is standard equipment.

The Party Bike LED Headlights
The Party Bike LED Brake Light
The Party Bike Running Light
The Party Bike Tail Lights

Our headlights are top shelf LED headlights providing excellent night vision.

Others will see you stopping thanks to our LED brake lights.

You can easily see the LED turn signals.

More visibility is provided by the LED running lights.

The Party Bike Turn Signal
The Party Bike Illuminated Guages
The Party Bike Illuminated Switches
The Party Bike LED Under Counter Lights

Emergency flashers provide that extra measure of safety.

Our dash lights are illuminated for easy use, day or night

The dash switches are also illuminated. No fumbling in the dark.

As if the bike isn’t already lit up, under counter LED rope lights provide even more illumination and visibility.

The Party Bike Cabinet Lights
The Party Bike Ooga Horn
The Party Bike AGM Battery
The Party Bike Suspension clear

There is even more lights in the upper cabinets thanks to the LED rope lighting.

A horn is required, but we add a little bit of fun by installing an ooga horn.

Four AGM sealed batteries power the electric assist and another powers the lights.

The Party Bike comes with an independent front suspension as standard equipment.

The Party Bike Axle Mount
The Party Bike Safety Mirror
The Party Bike Cassette
The Party Bike Cup Holders

The rear axle is securely mounted with hardened steel and structural tubing.

Driver visibility is critical so a five panel mirror provides the driver with a full view behind him.

We use sealed cassette bottom bracket crank hubs so the maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Each pedaler has their own cup holders, so spills do not become a big problem.

The Party Bike Fenders
The Party Bike Floor Traction
The Party Bike Forward Driver
The Party Bike Gel Seat

Automotive fenders with your choice of powder coating keeps down road debris while adding extra elegance.

Your guests and servers will have confidence with the diamond plate flooring.

Our forward seated driver’s position keeps the focus on the road while still being able to converse with the guests.

Comfort is paramount, so we install adjustable height gel filled bicycle seats to keep your guests happy.

The Party Bike Grab Rails
The Party Bike High Performance Tires
The Party Bike Roof
The Party Bike Cabinets

Another safety feature is the powder coated grab rails for all the peddlers.

We choose standard automotive tires with a low rolling coefficient to make the bike as easy to move as possible.

Our all weather aluminum and canvas roof protects guests from too much sun and the occasional shower.

Your guest’s personal belonging will be safe and within eyesight of them in the overhead cabinet.

The Party Bike comes equipped with a 54-quart steel-belted stainless steel ice chest to keep your guests refreshments nice and cool.

While most municipalities don’t require seat belts on The Party Bike, some do. Our optional seat belts will meet those requirements.