“I was about to write a big, fat check and have one imported from Holland, the ones with the barrel, when I saw an article in The Bulletin about Jon Pyland and his son Josh and their fabricating business.” – James Watt, Cycle Pub

1 The Party Bike Build

The Design

Before a piece of material has been cut, before a welder has been turned on, your custom Party Bike has been designed using state of the art computer design software. Every piece has been measured and fitted, assuring you that you are getting the best design available. It is that attention to detail and precision that sets us apart from the others.



2 The Party Bike Welds

The Material

At Atek Customs, we build your Party Bike using strong, yet light, material. Our structural steel is round DOM tubing. DOM tubing is extruded tubing where red hot steel is forced over a mandrel and through a die, resulting in a tube that has no seam. A lot of tubing has a welded seam on the inside of the tube. This leads to weak spots, however DOM does not have this weakness. If you see a seem inside, it is not DOM.

We also choose to use round tubing rather than square tubing for the structural elements. Square tubing is much easier to weld, however, it does not bend as nicely, nor is it as strong. Round tube is stronger, both in torsion and deflection than square tube of the same weight.
DOM tubing is widely used in stressful applications requiring higher quality, uniformity, strength, and soundness. Square tubing is only used for minor bracing.

The DOM tubing we use is 94,000 psi steel. It is not mild steel. This type of tubing is typically used in applications such as roll cages and NASCAR cars. We use it for all structural elements of the Party Bike. Some call this overkill. We call it long-term reliability.

3 The Party Bike Josh

The Welders

Next, we employ welders and fabricators with years of experience. You want to have the confidence that your Party Bike is being built by competent and highly trained welders.

“…a magical traveling beer bar on wheels.” – MicroCosmos

The Maintenance

Once a month you will need to check the tension on the chains, check a few bolts and hose off – or even power wash – the entire bike. That’s it. We feel you should be renting out your Party Bike rather than working on it. So we make sure to build it as maintenance free as possible.




5 The Party Bike Suspension

How We Roll

Our build begins with a standard automotive rear axle, independent front suspension and standard tires. We choose to use products that are easily available, no European parts that are expensive to import and no fancy high performance pieces that have to be special ordered. If, God forbid, something needs repairing or replacing, you do not want to be down for weeks on end while a special order part gets shipped from somewhere thousands of miles across an ocean. The local auto parts store is a much simpler and less expensive solution.

Our tire size and selection provides optimal rolling resistance, allowing the bike to be pedaled with little effort. You don’t need to depend on having a full bike just to get around. One person can pedal the bike with ease. Oh, and to make it look good, we use chrome rims which adds to the elegance of your bike.

6 The Party Bike Frame

The Foundation

As mentioned above, we use only round DOM tubing for the structural elements such as the base frame. Our shop is equipped with the tools necessary to cut, bend, notch, square and weld your Party Bike. All elements, from the frame to the pedals, water tanks, cabinets and roof have been thought out and designed to work together. No process or construction step  has been left out.



7 The Party Bike Supports

Onward and Upward

Once we have your rolling chassis completed, the uprights for the seats and counters are constructed. These elements have been computer modeled and verified with shop mockups so you know your clients will be comfortable while enjoying your Party Bike. Not everyone has experience sitting at a bar, drinking a beverage, while pedaling a bicycle sideways to the direction of travel. Picture that in your mind. That is why we built and tested our design.



8 The Party Bike Pedals

The Pedals

Because your Party Bike will see lots of use and abuse by many different clients, it is critical that we install quality products like our crank assemblies. These cranksets, pedals and heavy duty chain will provide years of worry free use.




9 The Party Bike Seats

The Main Support

What good will a well built bike do you if your clients “toosh” gets achy and uncomfortable well before the tour is over? To ensure that doesn’t happen, we install high quality gel-filled saddle style bicycle seats. These seats are top rated and will provide hours of comfort for even the boniest of derrieres. Take your time, sit a spell and have pint to drink. Your backside will thank you.

“Great craftsmanship!” – Kai Kaapro, Trolley Pub



10 The Party Bike ChassisThe Skeleton

Before you know it, we have a rolling skeleton of your bike. The next steps are the counter top framing, battery boxes and the support framing for the steering, drive shaft, driver’s seat and ice chest. The flooring will be cut to fit and the rear seat will get framed in. It’s really beginning to look like a Party Bike!! Time to make a visit to the powder coater.



11 The Party Bike Powder Coating

It is a Colorful World

Your Party Bike gets a color job from the powder coater in the colors of your selection. No need to look just like the other guy. We offer two different colors on your bike from many different choices. You can choose shiny, flat, hammered, metallic, sparkles and veins. The combinations are endless allowing you to custom tailor your Party Bike to your individual tastes.



12 The Party Bike Floor

Under Foot

Beer, soda, pizza, chips. Sticky, messy, icky and just plain hard to clean up. So how do you solve this dilemma? A slip resistant diamond plate aluminum floor for the interior that can be hosed off, allowing all that mess to be washed away is the best solution. And you won’t have to worry about slipping on that spilled beer or soda either because this flooring offers sure footing in most situations and weather conditions.



13 The Party Bike Canopy and Seat

The Pretty Stuff

While all of this is going on, our upholsterer is busy making the canopy and covering the rear bench seat. Of course, the color of the vinyl and the color of the piping is selected to compliment the colors which you have chosen for your Party Bike. Because your Party Bike will be working hard out in the elements, the canopy and upholstery must be able to withstand the weather and detrimental effects of the sun. That is why we choose all weather, UV stable, marine grade products to adorn your Party Bike.



14 The Party Bike Exterior

The Skin

You know that the frame of your Party Bike is looking awesome, but what about the skins? Fear not. We apply aluminum sheeting as the outer skin. You won’t have to worry about rips or tears to the sides of your Party Bike. And if you want to add your own distinctive vinyl graphics, the aluminum siding is the perfect material on which to do this.



15 The Party Bike Dash

The Juice

Your Party Bike comes equipped with 12-volt rope lighting, LED headlight, LED taillights, lighted dash and electric assist motor. So what gives all these features the juice? Closed-cell AGM maintenance free battery. And what gives this battery the juice? Integral charging ports. Just plug in your Party Bike at night and it will be good to go in no time. Maybe you want to run a sound system or flat screen TV. Just add an optional second battery and you should have no worries about power.



16 The Party Bike Rims

The Tire Bling

Tire Bling? Tires have bling? They do if it’s the Party Bike. Our chrome rims give you that elegance that you deserve.You choose the style you want to suit your own desires. We aim to please and have found that the little things like client control over the finishing touches help to make your Party Bike just that much more special and unique to you.



More Bling

As if there isn’t enough bling on the Party Bike, we have included a classic wooden steering wheel as a standard feature. This is reflective of that old world trolley car styling that is unique to the Party Bike. You and your clients will feel pampered and special while spending time cruising the neighborhood.

It was way too much fun!” – Keb Alexander




18 The Party Bike Counter Top

The Table Setting

Everyone wants to sit at a pretty table or bar. So why not add some color coordinated powder coating to your counter tops? It is just those little optional customizing touches that make your bike uniquely yours.




“People waved, stared, shouted, laughed, pointed, cheered, and in one memorable instance, chased us down the street groupie fashion. We doled out stickers and waves to adoring fans, all the while making sure our beverage glasses stayed topped off…”– Tawna, Vist Bend Blog